Saturday, 14 August 2010


Thank you all for the lovely kind thoughts wishes and the're all wonderful
hugs xx
Knit and Natter at 2 this afternoon let you know how it goes right now it looks like a bit of a wash out but who knows someone other than me might turn up hehehe!!

stock take over new hair dresser found garage cleared of boxes my car up for sale and l dug out a few unfinished pieces to play with oh! and l added a couple more to the WIP pile!!

Found this china and glass in TK Max..l love it Phil's not so keen

Don't really want to let her go but such a waste l've only done 700miles in her since last December so she needs a great new home

As l almost always double up on the DK l played with blending two colours together....don't know what the statistics are on the combination of  colours from mixing up the 40+ colours l have
must be thousands l suspect...mmm now that's a playtime and a half!

NEW hairdresser called 'SY1'  in town
 just across the road from the park and ride bus stop how handy is that?
New me pic hehe
New red glasses too...what a dumbo though a few days later l found l already had red glasses....
Please let it be the stress of the week and not my age and memory loss..a huge fear as my Mum didn't know who l was through her last few years..not a happy time so you can see why l'm fearful

Showing you this next picture from Faye and Darren's wedding...l'm afraid l'm on a DIET after seeing the original...this one has been doctored to remove the double chin that has taken up residence..aaaaarrrgh!!
thought it was a turkey in my hat l did..heehee

Thanks again for all the wonderful friendship and loving thoughts sent my way such fabulous bloggers you are
Missed you all

The one comment from many yesterday was how much of a shock it had been and how many were taking stock of their own l wasn't alone in that one

The funeral was standing room many people saying their good byes
You'll be badly missed Steve by lots of family and friends

Life goes on and blogging is back on the menu
got some catching up to do too


  1. Dear Suz,

    fine to see (and read) you back in the blogland. =)

    Wonderful your new hair dresses and your new eyewear.

    Send you many hugs.


  2. Glad your back, hair looks lovely. Double colour flowers look good. Agree with Phil, not sure of the china sorry.

  3. Lovely to have you back with us. You are an inspiration - and I love your bright, cheerful colours. Take great care of yourself and treat yourself gently for a while.


  4. Lovely pics! Your colour combos are just beautiful in your crochet. I like the tea set. Must try and find it. Hope the knit n natter goes well. Shrewsbury??? Not sure where that is. Obviously too far from me. Now if you'd have said Bakewell might have been a possibility xxx

  5. Great to see you back blogging,and you have been so busy making all those lovely collages. Beautiful colours and love the hair.Might have to get a lesson from you on how to remove double chins as i have a few to get rid of!Oh and I like the china :-)

  6. Hi Suz, your new do is very flattering and I love the red glasses. Thanks for a much needed color fest this morning.

  7. Lovely pictures
    Lovely Colors
    Love the new DO.
    Love the Hat.
    Love to send you a big hug,

  8. Hi Suz.
    I'm just back from France. Really hope Knit and Natter was a success. I hope to catch up with you very soon.
    A x

  9. Wow Suz, that's a super haircut! I love it and your collages and your yarn scrumminess and I'm just so happy to see you back!!

    Hugs XX

  10. Thanks girls good to be back and the 1st meet was a great success although it was quality not quantity hehehe only 2 of us but hopefully it will grow
    Hugs ALL XX