Sunday, 1 February 2009


The National Museum Prague..was just down the road and at the head of the main shopping we had a bit of a shop in the snow was coming down heavy on the way back and we were walking into it! lol
They have a C&A here..loved that shop so l bought some new gloves n a gorgeous leather bag..l did need a brown bag promise hehehe
Feel great today hence the 3.5 hour shop in the snow came down over night every where s white but all the pavements are cleared though..impressed

Just very slight tenderness today and feeling back to my new self lol...cant say how pleased l am was worth the discomfort...been watching the fashion channel on the TV again getting loads of ideas for the summer and the new me
Found those small packs of jam from the fridge work wonders on the E.N Syndrome lol..taking shape nicely bit yellow today from the pics but looking silly grin time l'm afraid so pleased l am


  1. I covet those gloves. What a glorious colour.

  2. Gorgeous aren't they?...a favourite colour of of many hehe