Saturday, 21 February 2009


A ukscrapper friends has inspired me lol...thanx Lynne snapshot chall. this month in LOVE or LOVE/ choice of photos will be from...

1 SON..BIG LOVE....goes without saying
2 EXERCISE..hate but love what it can do
3 FLOWERS...definately a big love
4 HOME...for sure LOVE my home...and been a couple of new house pressies this week!
5 MY HOBBIES...paper crafting, pc, digi scrapbookng, my home, photography, travel
6 MY CATS....our 2 boys our beautful stray and even the visiting Lettuce
7 NEW ME/my life...LOVING the long waited for new me for sure and my adorable life....

just waiting for the prompt from Anna for the LO

update 22 Feb..... thought of another LOVE.....SHOES!! could l forget them?
think l could do an album on 'LOVE' hehehe

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