Friday, 6 February 2009


Slight delay at airport but was back in the house for 1.20 this morning although found all the beds in the house taken we ended up on the sofa and chair...not the best nights sleep and up and out early this morning to beat the snow

No need though been sunny blue skies all afternoon and a clear blue sky just disappearing now Moon looks so close lol

Looking forward to a comfy night tonight fell asleep in the car this morning so Phil did the food shop without me...ooops and has cooked up a shepherds pie for tea James' favourite...while l recover from my mornings efforts...still need to take it easy for another few days but feeling wonderful...more undie shopping this morning much fun

Sorted pics for the forum..need to chill this wkend and then need to catch up on the scrapbooking on monday


  1. Hope all went well and glad to hear you are back home safely - take care xxx

  2. Hi Karen..thanx and yep more than well..sooo pleased its me for sure
    Suz xx