Tuesday, 3 February 2009


More shopping yesterday lol...not feeling quite so good to day but getting better by the minute so a walk to OLD TOWN PRAGUE and lots of photos today didn't take camera yesterday which was silly because we had dinner in THE GRAND HOTEL...beautiful Art Nouveau hotel..stunning tad expensive but a special lol
Found a huge store called NEW YORKER.....accessories on the ground floor....brilliant place and as l just love limy green couldn't resist these boots and got some over the knee socks to go with them going to get some pink tights too today and.....
treated myself to some pretty new undies the sort l've never been able to wear before...and now l can hehehe
Cant tell ya how pleased l am at Dr C's brilliant work..got more than what l expected....would recommend her to anyone thinking of surgery..LOVE YA DR. C

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