Friday, 3 July 2009


Saw needle felting on a u-tube video was fascinating..just had to have a go at that...

E-bay £25 later and a day waiting l got a part fleece...not so sure its a good buy though seems very hairy and not very soft..will ask when l go to the Ellesmere Spinning meet on the 14th July
Small just in case l didn't like it
A 3 sets of felting needles
A handle for 4 needles
Large sponge out of the loft
Off l went.....made my 1st tiny piece and added some spots of cat hair...well they leave enough of it around
2ND PIECE WAS DONE IN A STAR COOKIE CUTTER...and turned into a pink flower with food colour....need more work before a finished picture may do some embroidery on it when its dry..something to ponder on for 24hours

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