Friday, 4 September 2009


Want a white or pale pink sun dress for my sons Parade....knew l would never find the one l want in the shops so decided l'd make it...not made a dress for me or anyone for a very long time ( was my career.....weddings special occassion outfits hats childrens clothes for many years)

Well l haven't lost it made a perfect fit bodice in one fitting and on yourself thats not easy to do hehe....all l need now is the fabric!!!!!

So l did managed a few moments in the my shed....ironing done as it dried 'cos the ironing board is set up in there and all the mess from dressmaking is in the shed and the house clean and tidy..brill

PACK OF PEGS AND A BIT OF OLD WOOD.....working so far!

Making peg hooks for the hanging fairies l made over 12 months ago....need to sand and paint yet but looking ok so far.....found the small pegs at Bridgemere yesterday 99p for 7 two packets so ran out before l'd finished 2 now l know they work will go back tomorrow check out the fabrics again aswell now l have a pattern that fits!!!...
So cleaning day turned out OK!

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