Tuesday, 8 September 2009


White table back in the conservatory for the TV...looks a lot better and more room well will be when all the piles of books every where are in the shed or study
Large black TV unit was always a bit of a problem so we cut it in to two console tables one for the shed and one for the dining room.....2 coats of primer but going to leave to harden off for 24hours before l paint with satinwood
in it's possition waiting for the satinwood finish and a wooden top...didn't get to the dining room table a job for tomorrow

But Phill didn't want to paint so he went out and finished another wall in my shed by stealing the insulation from the attic untill the new stuff arrives and he put up
my chandelier as a suprise
and hung his plaque in the conservatory....but we didn't get to re-hang the collage in the spare bedroom.......tomorrow's another day hehehe!!

So all in all a very good day with lots done

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