Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Now the 'craft furniture' is almost totally out of the house and we can't get any more of the wool silk insulation for 'hers' at a bit of a shed break here so going to start the re-modelling of the house furniture today.....

1 Cutting a large black TV unit in half to make a white painted, wood topped console table for the dinning room ( replacement of the cube unit) and the remaining half will go to 'hers' as another work surface again painted white

2 Then l want to paint the legs of the dining room table to match and the dining room chairs white aswell

3 Move the original TV units l bought back into the conservatory

4 Re-hang the collage painting in the spare bedroom leaving a space for a new painting in our room

5 Lastly hang the large plaque Pmacs bought a couple of weeks back
Always writting list but never get ALL done lets see how much of this list gets completed!!


  1. You amaze me Suz.....are you running on duracell????hee hee you put me to shame wish i had your energy, hope you get to finnish your list!


  2. Hi Kaz...l wish!
    We do seem to be getting a lot done just lately but l fall into bed very early very knackered hehe and l haven't done much crochet for a month now
    CYA soon