Monday, 14 September 2009


Great when they work a pain when they don't!!!....boiler problems drip drip drip

'SOLD OUT!!!......NO' l said 'you can't have sold out already it only just come out and l've made a special trip to get it'....and the girl l knew hadn't looked properly....go to the boss is what l say lol...that worked and she was sent to look again........ggggggggrrrrrrrrrrr shop assistants!!

aaaaaaahhhhh got my precious Country Living

Got the lining for my dress for James' pass out parade on Friday and bought all the small pegs they had for my peg rails too

How did it get to be gone 11? to try and get the eggshell paint l need for the console tables, peg rails, chairs, legs of dining room table and the walls of my shed..what a lot of painting to do!

Think l need a new bigger paint brush too all that calls for a bigger brush than the 1" l used for the console tables primer!!!

Found my name in a cupboard so going to paint that white to hang on the wall of the shed


  1. Glad it all came good in the end...hope the boiler gets sorted soon!xx

  2. Hi suz..............Ooh one of those count to ten moments eh! Hope its fixed ok. I havent got round to painting inside of my shed, not sure if to bother as i love the woody smell, but think I will when get chance, wont be this year though!! Dont forget to show your dress on here cannot wait to see it. Is it this week the passing out??


  3. Boiler...thanks both me too!! lol
    Finishing dress today and no won't forget photos...looking forward to seeing them all march on Friday months of training gone sooo fast
    Thanks Kaz for the bench pic..have mail you
    Hugs x