Sunday, 20 February 2011

Hope you're not bored with Flowers yet?...LOTS MORE TO COME

Thanks for the lovely mail l'm getting about the layered flowers a couple of lovely people have been thinking on the same lines as myself....a full size bed cover/throw/blanket!
Fell into bed last night thinking just that thought..a lot of work but wouldn't it look spectacular? 
A Bed of Flowers to wake up to?
A BED OF FLOWERS CAL? about it Hazel and Rachael?
Personally l'm not good at doing big projects more an ideas person myself l can get bored with biggies but with others to keep me at it l would give it a go...what do you think?
thanks for liking the layered flowers everyone...hugs 

Loving these big red beauties with the solid centers.

Phil away last night so l kept playing hooky until after midnight and the furballs let me lie in until 5!!!! wow lucky me hey lol.....
OH was at a camper show with Noo Noo, lots of camper and VW bits to poke around with today...not my scene and a bit too cold yet for camper sleeping lol

Have a fabulous Sunday all
hugs xx


  1. Beatiful flowers!!!
    Have a nice Sunday :o)))

  2. I've got to say the layered flowers are my fav by far. they are really stunning and the colours are so warm and cosy.
    A x

  3. Yes stunning and great idea! Count me in. x

  4. You might like a peep at this site Suz. Why not add your link?
    A x

  5. What a beautiful flowers! Amazing! Wow...
    I will follow you....

    Greetings from Belgium

  6. These flowers are all so pretty - you have a good eye for color. :)

  7. I'm definitely in for the crochet-a-long. These flowers are seriously addictive and the thought of waking up to these on the bed will be enough to keep me going to finish the project. Rachael Xx

  8. What a fab idea - if only I had the skill and patience!

  9. Bored??? No, I Can't keep my eyes of!!!!

    Love Judith

  10. I really love it, I wish i could be able to do this kind of crochet things too :)