Friday 4 February 2011


Was thinking weddings when l made these today....
with mostly pearl centres....l can think of a lot of uses for these little gems!

so much fun to make and using up old stash of fabric and a free project
the white ones were made from an old curtain l found in a carrier hiding in another unpacked box.

Simply cut rough circles from 4" down to 1" in a manmade sheer fabric

Layer them after burning the edges very slightly and very carefully with a tea light or candle

Sew all the staggered layers together with a few small beads as centres
the last smallest circle make cuts into the circle to give small petals and additional detail before sewing together with the beads

They will make great decorations, kids head bands? Present decorations? Wreath of them would look great too....or on cards
lots of ways to use these easy to make Roses

Still not got my laptop back....missing an old friend l am

Have a wonderful weekend everyone
Hugs to all xx


  1. hi Suz

    love these white ones so gorgeous, just so you know Ive changed my blog .....needed a change not sure why but just felt the need. its now Thelittle shabbyshed.blogspotcom as I spen so much time in my shed thought it deserved some recognition! Have a lovely weekend xx kazx

  2. Beauties in white! So lovely Suz!

  3. Thanks all...hoping to get my laptop back soon so l can answer you all properly
    Hugs xx