Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Japanese Layered Flowers and so much colour!

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy...what have you started? lol....thanks for finding this wonderful pattern
l'm so loving it!

Layering for a cushion
made the largest with 2 strands of DK and an 8mm hook..
middle one is a 6mm hook and 2 strands and the small one is one strand of DK and a 4mm hook
Going to try a 10mm hook and a 3mm hook next!

Off to the post office soon with squares for Australia Sarah London's rainbow appeal 
and a ball of wool for Wipso
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone


  1. They looks sooooo beautiful and cheerful!!

  2. Really loving the new colours Suz. Thanks for sending me the ball of wool. I will settle up with you soon.
    A x

  3. Ooooh Suz they are sooo lovely. I love the way you put your own stamp on things. Beautiful. xx

  4. Oh my goodness - where will it end?? You are so clever with colours. Keep going - it is brightening each day!!

  5. What a spring joy to behold...they are addictive don't you think! xox

  6. Hi Suz,

    I love them!!!
    Now for the second day running you have read my mind.
    Yesterday I was able to make two of these flowers, because I got it!! after reading your post.
    Well I made them with a 3.5 hook but used different yarns and one was bigger than the other, so I lied them on top of each other and thought, now that looks good.
    And low and behold you have done them like that too today.
    Great I love your colours!!!
    Thanks again for the inspiration.
    Have a great day.
    Now I can't wait for your next post!!!
    Best Wishes,

    Chris Xx

  7. I love, love, love it!! Great inspiration!!

  8. Another feast for the eyes! I always know there is going to be something wonderful going on here. Rachael Xx

  9. What a glorious display of colours! That pattern is amazing... Definitely adding that to the list! Thanks Suz!

  10. I have been doing my flowers the same way as the chart, which is the same as you do them I think? Yours are my favourites that I've seen so far. I love Lucy's and Elizabeth Cat's too but I like your colours best of all and I think the pattern looks best as it is - rather than doing an extra row. The layered version looks wonderful!

  11. Oh goodness, these are soooo lovely.

  12. Oh my--I can't stand it! The color and the shapes are beautiful! Your blog brightens my day every day!

  13. They look so great layered up like that. Now I have a question for you - just how fast do you crochet? If there's a crochet olympics I reckon you'd be a strong contender!

  14. Love them...I'm still struggling with the last 2 rows..I'm not to clever at following charts..
    How do I order some you have a colour chart?

  15. They look beatiful, you did a great job.
    Congratulation .

    Have a nice and blessing day.

    Martha ( Costa Rica )

  16. You always take thing one step further and make it all seem one step better. I've got to work on these next...

  17. These flowers looks amazing and what a great colours.

  18. Thanks all....funny how some patterns just grab you and you can't stop!
    Thanks to Lucy for her find so l'll blame her for my dusty house and a dent in the sofa! lol

    Jude you need to mail me and l will send the info l can't even leave a message on your blog there doesn't seem to be any way of contacting you direct?

    Hugs to all xx

  19. Suz...I can't get the 'email' button to work on your profile either...are you on Facebook? Actually, my email address is on the Facebook button on my blog...