Wednesday, 23 February 2011

That's my seat....

Cat sitter booked whey hey!..can't wait
Tenerife here we come
and sssssshhhh!! l will be packing a crochet kit but don't tell OH will ya? lol
Camper blanket well under way already have 4 yellow and green flowers added to the next round
doing the open center for the next round....Phil's happy 'cos it's for his beloved camper and l've told him it will be finished for the Show on the 9th April at Stanstead

have a wonderful Wednesday everyone 
hugs X

if you want to crochet a bed cover click the link and join the fun


  1. I just knew it! I wonder where you will hide away your hooky stash or will it replace Phil's clothes in the suitcase? :-)
    A x

  2. Hehehe...l'll find a hidey hole some where lol
    He has just ordered a suitcase scales from going over weight hey! lol
    Hugs to play green hooky!

  3. Looking lovely Suz. I am now thinking of olive green, cream and a little soft pink???? Oh I need to go to the travel agents too :-) x

  4. Holiday plans sound fab- you will be too busy having fun to crochet!!

  5. Have fun in Tenerife (not jealous... oh no!!) ;-) Did you know you can take a crochet hook on handluggage in the airplane, but not knitting pens: ha! Happy holidays!

  6. Thanks
    Hazel the colours sound wonderful a fav combo
    Twiglet...l couldn't go with out for a whole week lol
    Happy in red..l did yes but thanks will make the flight go quickly anyway lol
    Hugs to all x

  7. Dear Suz,

    WOW...they look all so lovely! Love all this Colours, your so great!
    I wish you a funny time in Tenerife and hope you enjoy your Days.
    Send you many Greetings,

  8. Suz, I just added your blog to my "Favorite Blogs" list on my blog.. I love your colors, you're a color magician! You're a sweetheart too, so jealous of your tropical trip!!

    Hugs from Oregon.. Teresa

  9. Have a great holiday! Love your flowers.

  10. I've just had a look around, all is lovely. Thanks for your flower pattern - I'm adding to my favorites. Have a lovely day :-)

  11. I love coming across crochet loving blogs!
    Your florets are so sweet!
    The colours are sensational!

    Among other things, I often feature my own hand crocheted works on my blog as should pop in sometime when you have a minute!

    I'm your newest fan.

    Ciao Bella!

    Creative Carmelina

  12. Have a great time, we just came back from Tenerife and the weather was PERFECT!!!! I too had a back of hooky, worked on my groovyghan and made lots of progress.

  13. Thanks everyone so need some sunshine we do
    Did l say l was a bit excited? lol
    L'm following you all..l think lol so much going on right now with the new CAL
    THE FLOWER BED!...doing really well so thanks for all the support
    BIG HUGS to all xx

  14. This is so pretty! and yes i cant blame you for wanting to take yarn on your vacation who can be away from that for so long! <3 Taylor

  15. I should've asked you this earlier, you have instructions for this particular flower in this blog post? I just love it.

  16. This is absolutely stunning. I love the bright colours!!! ☺ I too have done some shawls in the same design. Please tell me what you think at