Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Pattern questions and some wet stuff!

So many people are having problems with this pattern diagram!
quick explanation...
The 3rd row is the big problem so l've taken a photo of the 3rd round the base chain is done in the third round not as a 4th round leaving a 5th to be done it is ONLY 4 ROUNDS all together
3rd round should look like this...
With the chain loops ready to take the 8 trebles (UK) or 8 doubles (US)
l've made mine with a 7mm hook and two strands of DK...making for a much larger flower...
Hope that helps people who have mailed me
Better light today so the colours show up better

Valentine Choc's...
Phil and l almost ate a 1lb box of Choc's between us yesterday as a special Valentine treat!...ooops 
After not eating chocolate for well over a month we were both slightly ill last night!
So going back to eating very little to none is going to be easy

Nasty wet stuff out there...
Pouring with rain again today so no washing will get done again

have a terrific Tuesday everyone


  1. Hi, I've just found your blog which is very inspiring. I too made some of Lucy's flowers but my 3rd round was interpreted a little different from the diagram but looks very similar so I am happy with it. Thanks for your photo explanation....I'll give it a go sometime soon xox

  2. Love these flowers Suz. Do you still sell your wool? I bought some really fab blue from you and am knitting a little jumper but may well run out just before I finish. I will see how I get on but thought I'd ask just in case I need more.
    Annie x

  3. Hi Suz

    How did you know?
    I try this pattern out Saturday evening (I got the chart via Elizabeth Cats blog)and I just didn't get it.
    I was wondering if it was 4 or 5 rounds.
    Thank you so much for enlightening me!!!!
    Now I get it!!!!
    Have a great day.
    I love all the stuff you have been making lately by the way.

    Best Wishes

    Chris Xx

  4. *lights just went on *
    Ohhhhhh Suz I see it now !!! ....lol ;-)
    I wrote mine out in my own "fudgebucketgraphreadingkindaway" , mines pretty too, so now I have 2 motifs from one graph, thats sooooo cool !
    Hugs Fee xxxx

  5. I knew we could count on you to get us all straightened out. Glad to have not started yet. But, you know they are on my list next to give it the old college try.

  6. would love this pattern written in english as
    I cannot do charts

  7. The flowers are gorgeous Suz! I am knitting at the mo but will def have a go at those later. Cold, wet and windy here too!!

  8. You explained it brilliantly Suz, well done!!
    I know i confused it all cos i interpretted it a different way and worked an extra round, so good on you for straightening it out!
    Your colours looks so beautiful, love what you've done.
    lots of love to you

  9. Glad it has helped with the original pattern and peoples understanding of diagrams

    Lucy your interpretation has made the design so yours and put the book and the pattern under all our noses to have fun with
    I'm sure the original author will be pleased with all the extra sales you have created

    Hugs to all x

  10. Crafty Pam..buy the book and l will help you decipher the diagrams l wouldn't want to cross the copy right lines ...sorry

  11. Love, love, love 'em Suz! Glad you straightened it all out though. I'm not very good at reading any pattern. Oops

    Hugs XX

  12. Hi Suz, found your blog from Rav WLL and am now a follower. I love LOVE your color selections! That's quite a gift.

    Hugs from a new friend, Teresa in Oregon USA

  13. To anyone worried about following a chart - I hate charts and thought I couldn't follow them. However, by the time I had looked at lots of them and read about them I gave the chart a go and I managed no problem. As charts go, this was not bad at all. Just remember those 5 chains belong to round 3 and not round 4. Unless you want to do them Lucy's way of course. Because I found this easy enough to tackle I am now considering buying the book so I can make more lovely things. Japanese craft books certainly have more to offer than the average English one I think! These colours are also beautiful Sue. They are lovely.

  14. OMG, I so wish i could crochet, knit and sew - you are so clever and inspiring. I love those flowers. xx

  15. I can't find the diagram. Can you share it with me?

  16. Hi Denise there isn't a diagram on here copy right came into question so everyone deleted them sorry
    But you can buy the book they are from
    Suz x

  17. oops sorry miss spelt your name Denice sorry x

  18. Thank you Suz for the reply! I'm not very good with diagrams anyway, but the flower sure is pretty!