Thursday, 10 November 2011

Everything is coming together so well l have hibernated a bit

Not been blogging much just lately, as l've been nesting a bit, getting things back to normal again.
Home is becoming a warm and cosy space again and l have been enjoying it all and snuggling in for the winter l'm afraid hehe

New blinds have gone up, new door curtains things rearranged shelves up and storage sorted
Left over carpet has made the porch a cosier place and we moved the bed bench we made for the porch over to the opposite side and it's now getting used every time we go through the door

Every where is starting to feel so cosy, l'm struggling to make myself go out hehe
so relieved it is all coming together again in time for a wonderful Christmas
Been collecting Christmas ribbons, tinsel and lots of ideas for a fun November of crafting
Advent Calendars this afternoon l hope
The Ikea flower light has been on for days as it's so gloomy outside and reflects on the glass of the double doors and it looks like there are fairy lights every pretty, l must finish the second one soon

sofas are almost cut but not sure l will get to them this side of Christmas..l'll see
Managed a bit of hooky but not really back into the swing yet
Have a thoughtful Thursday everyone
Hugs xx


  1. Love the decotation of your hombe. Sweer home!

  2. What a lovely post Suz. So glad all's well and your home is looking more like yours. Enjoy the coziness of it all.
    A x
    ps still having to type in comments twice :-(

  3. Wow Suz - it really is looking like home again. So warm, cheery and inviting. Enjoy your pre Christmas crafting but don't forget to show us what you are up to! x Jo

  4. Everything is absolutely beautiful, Suz!

  5. Thanks really is a happy home again, still a short list of finishing off to do but definitely doable lol
    Hugs to all xx

  6. I'm so glad that your home is getting back to normal, it must be such a relief to you and your family. Best wishes, Pj x