Monday 21 November 2011

More Spike stitch, bobble stitch Crochet and Layered Stars

Lots of Crochet layer stars...
are appearing on my table right now..
Quite a few CROCHET stitches too, are finding their way into the Star playtime
The Spike stitch from August last year...
perfect for the centres of the crochet stars...
I need to return to this project and re-do the this space!
Crochet Bobble stitch from a great texture 

have found their way into the next star blanket l will make..

loving the layered stars so much l think it will make a great wall hanging for the stair wall..a big space just waiting to be filled
Enjoy your Monday x


  1. I LOVE those pictures at the very top .. so pretty. You're certainly having fun with your stars aren't you?

  2. Love your stars. Your spike stitch looks fun, I haven't tried that yet. Will add to my list.

  3. Looking at our stars and circles just makes me smile with all their colorfulness. Well done, Suz.

  4. Ohhhh, i love it all...beautiful pictures and wonderful colours Suz!!!

  5. As always the best color combo out there. Really adore the new ones.

  6. I love that spike stitch....the way you put color together is amazing....I am so jealous

  7. Suz, those circles with all the brilliant colors are out of this world!! You should make them into Christmas decorations and stuff them.. they would be awesome!

    Your post was a visual treat. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Thanks everyone..certainly a fun project
    Teresa hard to see but a bit big for decorations and l'm going down a different road with them..decorations already been done
    Hugs to all xx