Saturday, 19 November 2011

Crochet Box Star Cushion...front and sides

Decided to make the Star a box cushion...foam inside but it will be slightly softened with padding
found a few experiments l had made a couple of year ago when l first started crochet again so they might get stitched to the front too
I over did the size a bit, when l make another l will make it smaller, making straight sides with black and white stripes of the combination of bright colours and black and white
to finish it off make a foam cushion pad by cutting around the star cushion cover

More of the blanket least a couple of rows to add today
Link to shared work on ANNEMARIE'S CROCHET vote for your favourite too,
and iCROCHET take a peek at what people are up too this week
Have a fabulous weekend everyone x

Star Cushion Pattern Stylecraft by Susan Pinner

Click Link to pattern


  1. I Love your cushion! So pretty.

  2. Hi and thanks both..turning out ok isn't it? Not that many of my projects that l really, really Love but this is one of them l think
    Hugs x

  3. Suz, i love your cushion so much!!!
    Absolutly beautiful!
    Send you many Greetings,

  4. I'm started with the Stranne lamp. The circles are all made. Now I'm cutting the petals and glue everything on place. It's a lovely thing to do.

    Greetings from Saskia.

  5. This is your best cushion yet.

  6. Hello Suz,

    The lamp is finished. Up to the next one.

    I'm looking for worth to your garland.

    Have a nice evening, Saskia.

  7. That pillow is gorrrrrrgeous! A real work of art, my friend! Such pretty colors! ((hugs)), Teresa :-) e

  8. I really really would love to know where or how your found a star shaped cushion. Did I miss it?

  9. Bu örgü yastık harika ben çok beğendim diğer tasarımlarınızda çok güzel sizi takibe aldım görüşmek üzere bende sizi bekliyorum sevgiler.

  10. Thanks everyone, going star crazy here lol
    Loving the stars and all the possible variations
    Star cushion is made from old foam seat pads l had lying around will be padded to soften it a bit, very angular at the moment and then a fabric cover made and the crochet front and sides hand stitched on
    I'll do a picture collage of HOW TOO as soon as it is made
    Hugs to all x

  11. Gorgeous cushion, something like that would look lovely adorning my little girls bed... hmmn another thing to add to my ever growing list :)

  12. oh suz- this is candy for the eyes- just beautiful. can't think of anything quite so pretty as this. thanks for sharing. :)