Sunday 13 November 2011

Thanks for your patience...

Not a lover of 'going back' but l'm afraid l've given up on the new 'DYNAMIC LAYOUTS'..HA!
So back to the old layout, such a shame but you lovely people have been struggling for too long with it
I'm sorry there have been so many problems with the new layout

managing to make 4 an hour easily, it's going to makes for a quick throw
Little piles of stars are appearing quite fast now, making about a hundred then l'll play with the layout and see how many more l need 

Remember this...
well it is still alive and growing flowers or are they red leaves appearing?
I found a site that said in a real setting the plant would get daily water from drips off the plant and it doesn't like to have wet roots, although it liked lots of water, l was a bit confused but decided to spray it all over every day and not actually water the roots only once every month or so
Seems to be working it has definitely grown since l bought it
at the end of  September

2nd Loo Roll Advent Calendar
The second Advent Calendar, not quite finished, is more sparkly with holographic card snowflakes
and chocolate coins inside.....they did take quite a while to make but hoping they will last a couple of years if opened carefully
Phil bought me some Lilies and cabbage flowers..he knows how l like unusual flowers lol xx

Only 41 crafting days
Using the Organized Christmas site my Christmas action plan is getting smaller by the day...
The cards are sorted, half my presents and crackers bought, the table is planned, hand made presents are well under way and lots of other little sorting and cleaning jobs completed...feeling relaxed and ready for the fun

have fun xx


  1. Sorry they couldn't sort out the new layout for you but I have to admit I never got it to work properly so I'm glad to see the old you back :-)
    Good to see you're busy being creative.
    A x

  2. Brilliant! I can leave comments again! Love all of your makes and wondered whether you had a wee tutorial for the stars...or maybe I`ve missed it?
    Great to be here, Suz.

  3. Thanks goodness you are back to normal. I was letting you play with it first before I tried. I'm so glad to see things back to where I know they are. Fun pictures today.

  4. oke, now you got me depressed,....4 in a hour..
    i am crochetting my first project, a pillowcover and have been working on it for about 3 months,..

    anyway, i love the colour purple to! got it in my house right now! ( if you want to see how then visit me at and look at the l : ldeh)

  5. the new layout has great potential but not as good as the present one, I went back too, i think i might follow your example and get organised for christmas too , your blog is lovely and the stars are great

  6. Suz, I tried the new layout for about 10 minutes and switched right back to the old one, so don't feel bad or apologize. The new one was just not working for me, and unless they completely make us all change then I am sticking with "Old Reliable", that plant! is your thumb turning green by any chance? You seem to be doing the right thing if it is still blooming and thriving. Have a great weekend.
    Susanne :)

  7. Sorry, I hit a button and it posted before I could identify my blog...
    Susanne :)

  8. Suz, I'm so glad you came back! The only way I could leave a comment was to do it once, it wouldn't show, so I had to click back and then it would be there - but it got to be such a headache that I started to give up on leaving comments. Blogger was not working right in that venue.

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Yes, yes. So glad you're back to your old ways. Lovely stars, knowing you, you'll have that project nipped in a few days.

  10. Jippie!!!!! It's back to normal.
    Sorry, but it's much better for me this way.
    Very comfortable to read and scroll to your patterns and and beautiful ideas.
    What you have done to the STRANNE lamps.....just WOW. I'm going to make them too. When they are ready i will show you and leave a notice to you on my blog.

    Have a great day and cape up the crafting, Saskia.

  11. I'm so glad you changed back because now I can comment all the time and you won't think we aren't reading your every word!

  12. So glad you went back to this layout. The other one has potential but just not there yet. Maybe they will get it up and going better soon! As always love stopping in and reading up on your wonderful blog! May the sunshine down apon you and bring a warm fun fulfilled day!