Friday, 23 August 2013

En Suite Shower....Stage 2 this weekend.

New shower arrived at 11 this morning....
We need to find some white tiles tonight so we have what we need to do the job this weekend.
Then all we will need is a new loo to finish the complete job..going to be a busy weekend ahead!
A friend sent me funny

and me!!!
have a fun filled weekend xx


  1. Wow! A new shower room! Lucky you! Isn't Maxine hilarious?! There's a picture and text for every occasion! LOL!

    1. Hi..yep and needed too the old shower would have been Ok if we took it out cleaned it all and then put it all back but whp does that? so we are having a new one and a walkin so the door cant drop off or stick..just needed new rollers really.
      And modernising too of course.
      Hugs x

  2. Hi Sue,Love Maxine's take on housework !!!I think I need to give it a try!!!HeHe!!!This little chalet is more work than my big house use to be!!!Have a fab weekend!!!

  3. So funny isn't she? too have a great weekend
    Hugs x