Monday, 26 August 2013

Why do we always under estimate the time it takes for DIY projects?

The tile store was closed when we go there on Friday night, and we didn't get going until after 10 on the Saturday morning...eventually arriving home with the tiles, then didn't feel like starting anything that afternoon, then friends rang to say they were coming over on the Monday afternoon, so all we had was Sunday.....progress made and the old is out and the base for the new shower is built and in, the walls filled and the pipe work ready for the new shower and the waste is in in too.
No pretty pictures just the blur of a my good guy,
  who has done almost all of the work so far...
sealing the shower area is the next job to do and then another wait while it all dries, then we can start the tiling...more my job but Phil usually does the cutting of the difficut bits.
We went for large matt grey tiles to be fitting horizontally with one vertical decorative stripe of what looks like smaller tiles but is ion fact the same size as the large tiles.
the small tiles, one tile so no joins....there will only be one stripe of them vertically inside the shower cubicle

 Phil working out the new waste pipe direction, to go under the new base he had just built
happy DIY if you are, this Bank Holiday weekend x


  1. Hi Sue,I know exactly what you mean!!!Your shower is going to look fabulous when it's done!!!I love the colors!!!Why didn't I think of grey??!!It's gorgeous!!!Have a great day!!!

    1. Hi....thanks, how's it going with you?
      Hope the tiles are OK...they look darker in the picture than they look in the room, so we are crossing everything that they look OK when they are all on the wall! lol
      We only thought of grey on the 3 minute journey too to store too lol
      Hugs x