Friday, 13 November 2015


I've had a very poorly cat over the last 3 weeks, now well on the way to recovery 

I have finished commissioned crochet work for 2015.....

So now I have time to spend on my Christmas preparations. 
Christmas presents, for obvious reasons I can't share with you.

 But Christmas decorations and my Crochet for Christmas I can share.

A Grey and Red Christmas
This year I'm going to use Grey and Red with a Ivory for the decorations.... 
the new grey sofas and carpet we bought, earlier this year, helped in making the decision.

 I've compiled a folder of pictures on 
Pinterest HERE for Inspiration
I will add to it as the time goes on I expect.

Next step was to gather the Grey, Red, Ivory and black stash together 
 Plenty to play with, from acrylic, merino, cotton, cashmere, mohair and Alpaca my favourite some pure and some mixed....4ply, DK, Aran and Chunky

One of the first things i want to do is finish decorating the fireplace wall with grey paint 
This is the room to be decorated 
pre grey carpets...similar colour to the sofas though
But what shade of grey to use?

this is not going to be the quick and easy job i first thought! 

Dark grey

mid/darkish grey like the sofas and carpets?
only the middle section of the whole wall?
leave the fireplace white?
or light grey?
off to the DIY Store for some paint chips first i think...wish me luck.


  1. The pic with midsection only painted grey was very striking, particularly with if you kept the fireplace itself white along with white adjoining walls on either side of the centre section.I'd tend to go with either lighter or much darker so it wasn't matchy-matchy with the furniture and carpet. The red, ivory and black is going to be so striking on that white and grey backdrop -- good choices!

    1. Thanks.....think i've decided.....going for the total look bit nervous but hey! whats a tin of paint if i don't like it i will repaint but i think it work for us xx

  2. What a cute little cat! Glad to hear he's feeling better!
    Difficult choices about your fireplace...
    To me a white fireplace against a grey wall seems to be perfect..
    But if you don't want the fireplace to be too prominent, I'd paint it the same as the wall perhaps..
    Good luck with it!
    PS: Seems to be a big yarnparty on the pictures! Have fun with it :-)

    1. thanks he is well on the mend thank goodness, yep Christmas prep starts here lol x

  3. I like the light grey since the room already gets a lot of light. Keep the trim white and for a splash of color paint the coffee table red. That is what I would do. The kitty is so adorable! I am so glad he is doing better. Give him a gentle {{hugz}} from me.

    1. Hi, yes me too but i have a picture i've been drooling over for months and its the dark grey, just bit frightening to go so dark...but I'm going for it, just a tiny paint it ca always be re painted if we don't like it.
      Thanks Splodgy is doing really well now and on the mend x