Sunday, 1 May 2016


Visiting YORK this week

Just found this crafters trail from the 
going to be fun following the trail while here in York.
I will let you know how I get on

Thanks Sara for the invite to join your wonderful team and fabulous customers at
in Warrington

I had a wonderful visit with you all yesterday, a very busy day with lots of interested knitters and crocheters

Thanks girls for the lovely lunch too you do have a fabulous store.

Bead N Bezel
I think the most popular of my designs i took with me were the bead and bezel necklace and the new bag I had made from 3 different 

Stylecraft Carnival 

left over  ends still a WIP, but i took it with me.

Everyone was fascinated with what was inside the beads....
One or two of the lovely customers sat and made a bead from the free pattern on my blog

Interested in Knitted socks?

I met the lovely 
and she has a fab book all about knitted socks too called
click the link for the book 

a huge sock enthusiast...

She has started me off on socks again so I'm working on a new 

Crochet Suz Sox pattern 

An entirely different crochet sock pattern to have a go at even easier than my Stylecarft sox pattern done for the blog tour last year
 Styecraft Blog Tour Suz Sox pattern

 Suz Sox pattern

using mixed stitches

I also have a ripple sock pattern from 2009

Kathryn said hello as she was leaving sorry we didn't get time to chat

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