Thursday, 5 July 2018

Reference an expert...ERIC BROUG

Research said Eric Brough is the go too expert of Moroccan/Islamic Geometric Design. You Tube has been very useful but they go so quickly I thought a couple of good books would be useful. 

These 2 easy to use, great starter books arrived next day from Amazon. 

Having so much fun. Creating the geometric patterns from scratch is so very distracting from any pain i'm feeling in my hands. I was totally zoned out and lost in the world of geometry yesterday, it's so very relaxing to do. And colouring in is a great relaxer in the middle of the night when you cant sleep.

From what he says in his books i've jumped right in with a more difficult pattern first, instead of starting with a simple one. So back to basics with a repeated pattern next I think. 

Not worked with pencil crayons much for a long time so I'm love getting the perfect finish with coloured pencils and they says its supposed to be very relaxing, colouring. It seemed to work. I dropped right off to sleep again after and hour or so's colouring in the middle of the night.

 New tiny box of water colours to try next and a repeated design instead of just a single shape.

All the designs in Eric's books are listed with a date and where they can actually be seen, one day maybe i might get to see some of them in the place of origin.

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