Sunday 29 July 2018


Looking for something new to read this weekend i came across a number of new magazine that i had never seen before. Something more than most women's mags i read and discard after one look.

 Plenty to read in these 2 beautiful to look at mags.....mindful ways to live your life...all about wellbeing, mindfulness (such a lovely word), creativity and escaping, we could all do with an escape every now and then. 

I bought the one because of the wonderful illustrations and art work, there are pages of beautiful prints i might be framing and hanging on the wall by Becki Clark the Art editor on the magazine. Becky hold workshops, might be signing up for one later in the year BECKI CLARK WORKSHOPS link for more info

Some of Becki's surface work HERE  

Both are full of interesting articles, crafty inspiration, short stories and no rubbish like you get in most women's mags

An 8 Point star developed into a Geometric Stripe Blanket

G Stripe

G Stripe

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  1. Thanks for sharing the newly discovered magazines, Sue. They look really good and less superficial than many of the others!
    Love your geometrical drawings and the crocheted stars! I hope you and Phil are quite well and enjoying life.