Thursday, 11 July 2019

4th Adult Hex Jacket

Loving these cosy Hex Cardies especially the granny shell version.
The plain colour solid granny i started is a bit boring to make, love the yarn but struggling to keep working on it for long periods so i've started the 4th version in  
James C Brett Marble dk, in the white/grey colour way

US Terms
For this version i'm doing a different stitch reduction for the sleeve section.
The usual basic pattern is 3dc [granny shell], ch1, for all 6 sides 
I am using 3dc, ch1 for 5 sides and 3dc, ch3, 3dc in corners, 

but for the sleeve section, I'm using 2dc, in each space and no chain with the corners of 3dc ch3, 2dc, the 2dc is on the sleeve section, 

this reduces the width of the sleeve section when folded into the 'L' shape for half the cardy. These stitches are mostly under the arm so its hardly noticeable that its a smaller stitch 
I'm also using a double sided version for this one, by turning every row so it will be reversible too.
Approx. 20 rows, join on the sleeve top seam, adding the back section before joining the 2 identical pieces together.
finishing with a few border rows and sleeve edging stitch of hdc.



100g is doing almost 14 rows. 

First version i tried with a slimmer sleeve

with links to the original designer 
Elizabeth Zimmermann

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