Tuesday 29 April 2008

Looks like it might be another wonderful day!!

Morning ALL....another early morning 4.45 the alarm went off....lol
Almost finished the basic 25th calendar......should be finished today then all l need to do is sort the new printer out!!....one that is friends with Vista!!!

Still cant make my mind up about 12" printer.....want individual cartridges though for definate so waste so much ink with the tri colour!
Val....glad you got yourself a blog will look in a min and send ya a message...of course you must take pics of work then put them on your blog want to see what you get up too please lol
Jane sorry l didn't get back to ya last night will ring later...not going to make it unless l win the lottery that is!!!......... need the printer before another retreat l'm afraid
Slimming this morning so cya later girls
Happy Scrapping all xx

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