Friday 25 June 2010


He was getting better but wasn't well took him to the vets yesterday and l think the vet didn't really know what was the problem or wasn't saying and l was told to go back at 10.40 this morning another vet saw him and told me what he thought was the worst scenario.....
In his opinion he thought he had probably been hit by a car and his diaphragm was torn and his organs were squeezing through and causing the heavy beathing
Poor poor Mr T...He did blood test..nothing so x-rays told the worst
please say a pray for my lovely naughty little furball 

in surgery as l type should be about a 2.5 hour op so won't know anything until tea time
trying to keep busy feel awful and guilty that l didn't take him straight away because all be it slowly he seemed like he was getting better eating and drinking and had been lifting his tail more and more poor love

Vet said if he got through the anaesthetic and was stable he would have a 95% chance of full recovery through surgery
love ya furball  hurry back xx

haven't heard anything in the last 45 minutes so hoping he will be ok


  1. I have everything crossed. I hope and pray that he will be ok.
    Cats are very resilient. Much love x

  2. Hope it all turns out alright - don't feel guilty - it is hard to know what is best when your patient can't talk.

  3. Even my toes are crossed... and I said a prayer or two also. Keep us posted.

    Sending big Hugs,

  4. Everything is crossed here as well and I send a big prayer. Am sure everything will turn out just fine and Mr. T will play in your lap shortly again. Don't beat yourself up, because we can't always know what happens with our little critters. If only they could speak.

    Waiting on the Happy Recovery News!

  5. I've got everything crossed here for you.
    Big hugs,
    A x

  6. Sending the very best of wishes xxxx