Friday, 28 September 2012

Felted Flowers

Remember these....
middle of 2009 I made them for a rug....
crochet the flower them pop them in the washer to felt...easy peasy lol
made a few more this week with 5 petals and with a random felting yarn still to have a centre added  
to go on a couple of small stripy bags, more tweedy looking than the top picture 

Have fun x


  1. Suz, you heave made some lovely flowers, that's a great idea to felt them!!!
    They look like anemone.
    Greetings end a fine weekend, Truus

    1. Hi Thanks and you too have a great weekend x

  2. i love that flowers!! those buttons on the center arewonderful, too! they give them character!

  3. Thanks both...made a few of the 8 petal ones soon ready for a picture tomrrow I hope