Tuesday 23 October 2012

Moss Stitch Diagonal Cushion...WIP
To go with the new craft room rug.
5mm hook and 2 DK strands worked as one.

I am using Moss Stitch but it can be made in any stitch, plain or striped,
just start with a base chain the length of the cushion diagonal.

When I did the pattern I forgot how moss stitch tightens up and has very little stretch, unlike dc used in the original  Diagonal Striped cushion

These sts numbers are for Moss Stitch only
Using a double strand of DK worked together and a 5mm hook

70 base chain, made a 13" diagonal cushion but will make an 18" straight cushion 
82 base chain, will make a 16" diagonal cushion
90 base chain will make an 18" diagonal cushion
98 base chain will make a 20" diagonal cushion

Have fun X

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