Monday, 3 February 2014

New Storage boxes, New Bed Linen and a huge sort out.....

Still managing to keep up with the...'doing things differently in 2014'.
Stuff seemed to be piling up in the little bedroom.....including the Christmas decorations that hadn't been put away....oooops!
So off to Dunelm to find some storage boxes for the Christmas dec's, something that will fit on top of the wardrobe, be easy to get at, look good and be a reasonable price.
Plastic was the best price, but not so good to look at, all the pretty carboard or wicker were going to costly, but I found these aqua plastic boxes for £3.99 each.
Perfect on top of the wardrobe, certainly better than the old broken cardboard box the dec's were in before, for sure and they blend in with the decor in the little bedroom too.

New Bed Linen for our bedroom..but do I paint the wall behind the bed?
Mint the same colour but does it need to be a paler shade of the same colour?
Sorry the pictures are so bad the light at the moment is awful..roll on Spring and an end to these grey days.
All my old clothes............GONE!
I've been collecting them ever since we moved house 4 years ago. 
I finally did the deed....and 6 big blue Ikea bags went out the door yesterday.
Part of me still feels like I am going to miss something in a month or two the other half
feels great for FINALLY removing the


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Thanks, love the bed linen in this room x

  2. you are doing a great job!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

    1. Hi..I'm really trying to be good about clutter lol
      Thanks x

  3. I love the bed linens. Its so pretty but I am also partial to aqua and red.

    1. Thnaks...yes a popular combination these days, x