Tuesday, 24 March 2020

CoronaCal...number to make

Joining post for the side by side CoronaCal is well underway and will be ready for Friday the 27th March 2020....then the half eye to make

One or two wanted to know how many "eye's" to make..depends on which throw you want to make really and how big.Each Flat Eye weighs approx. 56g in Aran Each textured centre Eye approx. 76g

I am going to make mine a throw, that will measure approx. 47" x 66" BEFORE the border and that will consist of 
10 full eye's 
4 long half eyes 
8 short half eye's.

Make 10 Eyes ready to join together, up to Round 6 after the spears have been added and you will have enough to make a reasonably generous throw BEFORE the border of 47" x 66"

One more to add to this to make the base of the throw, so it's growing fast...

PART 1: CoronaCal Flat pattern HERE

PART 2: CoronaCal Textured Centre pattern and Colours  HERE

More Pictures of possible Throw versions HERE

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  1. This is looking fabulous already - looking forward to the rest of the pattern, great incentive for using up my oddments when we can't go shopping for yarn.