Tuesday, 8 February 2022

Am I loosing it?....

Its my kitchen floor, my feet from under my dressing gown and the leg of the chair, my dinning chairs....BUT, I had no recollection of making this blanket for several minutes.

TO THE POINT, I had to enlarge the picture and look at the floor and my feet first, before realising I did recognise it. Maybe I've got arthritis in my brain too?

How very strange and no idea where I've put it either?

Quite like it though, let's hope I can find it some where in the creative piles of work.

SICK AGAIN...not covid, I did a test although not sure how accurate these home tests are?

Been in bed for a week with so much pain, sore throat, cough, ear infection that bled, still can't hear anything in my left ear and an infection in my right eye, still can't fully open that either, although the pains have almost gone but I still have a bit of a cough...is this ever going to end?  I need a sunny beach.

GIANT CUBES from October 2021
I remember this one because its on a dress dummy I look at every day, as a very long and wide wrap....but I'm not sure whether I was aiming for a blanket or not?

trying to clear out all my blue a green stash

 And this small black and aran lap blanket, because its on the table in my work room, but no idea what I did with the first one?

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  1. (((HUGS))) Love patterns and color work! I hope you feel better soon, too.