Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Early preparations for a Workshop at Home...

A few years ago we bought one of the huge extendable Norden tables from Ikea, after a couple of years I decided it was just too big for the space. So we divided it into a work table in a small room in the old house and used the middle leaf for another project and made a smaller table from the second half.....I still have the half table and 8 chairs....not big enough for at ,east 11 people

Having thoughts of doing a workshop at home i needed a that large table again, to seat around 11/12. We found the same long table for sale on eBay at a fraction of the cost and collected it last night. 

My workoom at the moment is in desperate need of a huge tidy up, planned as soon as we've got rid of the old kitchen units piles up along one wall (new kitchen arrives tomorrow and the old one will be recycled over the next couple of days...off to be used in friends garages and workroom). 

So still a little cramped right now but Phil bless him put it all together for me last night after i cleared enough space for it down the centre of my workroom....lots of tidying up and sorting out to do but it's just perfect for a workshop and with the half Norden table I still have it will sit around 12 easily.....and when the old kitchen units have been removed will have a good space all the way around at the moment its pushed to one side a little.

So many blankets hanging on the back of all the chairs...really must sort out at least one double cupboard at the end of the workroom to store some of them or there wont be enough room to sit on the chairs!

Sunday, 21 May 2017

WORKSHOP AT HOME: From tile to crochet motif....

 WORKSHOP FOR THE FUTURE: Take a tile as inspiration and make a fab new motif to play with....... link to site i found it on

 Added to the centre  of a larger mandala motif?.....

It would make a great blanket too...

Afternoon update: another version slightly flatter and opened up a little, less textured....

Friday, 12 May 2017

Pick 10 colours then add ten more?

When i started the 4 colour square and flowers i did wonder how long it would be before my usual 10+10 would come into the equation...not long about 24hours.

I just couldn't resist the pull of all the soft pastel Crofter yarns  from Sirdar that i had a few sample balls of. This yarn has  a long enough space dye length to make the Amelia, Belinda and Camille flowers and mixed with some Batik Alize from my local shop a perfect combination for a soft muted colourful wrap. 

 mix of the Amelia and Belinda Flowers for this wrap 

So along side the Camille below in just 4 colours 

i am making a rainbow of soft muted Amelia/Belinda mix flowers into a wrap for me. I'm using lots of Crofter dk, and Batik Design Alize. With the odd bit of this and that thrown in

Amelia Flower pattern HERE 

Belinda Flower Pattern HERE

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

I Have my Guest bedroom back again...

James and his wonderful gf Bethany moved into there fabulous 3 storey home on Friday. 

We all pitched in and helped them out, not allowed to share pictures sorry but its going to be a fabulous home for them once they have finished making it theirs.

......but now i have my guest bedroom back I'm redecorating and i've gone all girlie and using a soft vintage pink with the black and white, but delicate wallpaper that is already up didn't want to actually add new wallpaper for now.
It used to look like this... 

I've taken the blind down and let the light in and added a few pink bits and pieces to make it look pretty, a man free zone for now.

It get the sun in the afternoon a very warm and cosy room later in the day and now its gone all pretty in pink, the new motif s one for the Pattern club, a blanket in the making i think.

New long runner for the end of the bed or as a wrap...lots of colour experiments happening right now with old motifs for a wrap or bed end runner, which to use is the problem!

Workshop motif...
probably too big...but might look great in vintage pinks?

Amelia and Belinda motifs from a couple of years back...possible

are looking good options so far, very pretty and look that's fab in the vintage pink, loving the 

 Loving 'Camille' in pretty vintage pinks...a mix of the two.

boxed motif for a bed runner and Camille for a wrap?

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Pattern Club/Workshops....

The Pattern club 
has out shone its self, so may wanting to join the fun and is still doing fabulously.
If you are interested, you would need to join the Facebook group
Granny Squares... for all the info or pm me on Facebook

We are on pattern 5 so far, one for each month of this year so far...and 7 still to come 

PATTERN 1: Summer Kisses

PATTERN 2: Triangle wool sack

PATTERN 3: Bobble throw and Bolster

PATTERN 4: Skinny Granny Scarf

PATTERN 5: Flower Garden throw

The Workshops all over the country...
are all over subscribed and all who take part are wanting to do a rerun with the same group of fabulous hookers they meet, in the following year.....we do have so much fun though.

for wanting me back for another workshop next year.
The same happened with Poppy's Holfirth all wanting to do it all again next year 

I've just done a fab day workshop at

Crochet Cottage
click link for more info
Blackminster Business park

the workshop was full, lots of fun and everyone wanted a return 'weekend workshop' 
 same time next year so Kate is busily booking it all for the 
5th and 6th May 2018

Everyone at this last workshop is in the process of making a Batik Triangle wrap

Wonder what i can come up with for next years 2 day event?

........maybe a new motif or two