Monday, 13 August 2018

STRIPES SCARF, repeat 9" of 2 sts.

 the inspiration was a summer dress fabric, using Stripes 25% wool mix from Wilkinson's and a soft charcoal black merino wool
decided to change stitch after approx. 9" of each st, and repeat until it's long enough for me.
First row of 'v' sts, needs to be the traditional v st. with the ch 1 between the 2 dc, or its too tight using this merino yarn. 
Other wise i'm just repeating the 2 st, pattern every 9"

 I like my scarves long so aiming for around 6' and i will add the weight of yarn when its completed 

Sunday, 12 August 2018

CROCHET AND CAKE...what could be better?

After finding my complete blog had been copied onto what is described as a Rss feed site stealing my clicks. I needed to change things around here, just a little. 

I was feeling a little angry but thanks to feedspot theft, that i discovered totally by accident, you doubled my clicks yesterday and the day before.....

 Thanks to my loyal following of Hookers, the more clicks I get the more freebies you get.
Patterns will only be on a link system from now on.

Crescent Moon Wrap...
I've managed to complete 4 so far all slightly different, hope you are all enjoying the base pattern and getting creative with the side rows? Lots are appearing on my Facebook group Sue Pinner Granny Squares group, click the link if you want to join the fun xx

And look what Phil made me...a fabulous Lemon Drizzle cake to cheer me up, it was very good, thanks. Crochet and cake, what could be better?

Saturday, 11 August 2018



Due to a site copying my complete blog I will no longer be publishing patterns on my blog only links. The title is the link click to find the listed pattern

PATTERN 2: 8' CRESCENT MOON WRAP  August 8th 2018

Friday, 10 August 2018


Loving the new 'Stripes' yarn I bought from Wilkinson's, 50g and only a £1 a ball with 25% wool in it........ crochets beautifully and looks wonderful, a real bargain..after finding my blog was being reproduced completely on another web site i will now only be adding patterns with links from now on this is a test post to see that you can all access the pattern but not see it on the blog
Thanks and if you can access the pattern OK leave me a comment so I know this is now working correctly...Thanks x 

AUGUST 11 2018
Thanks for the feedback about the link not working for you, please try again as its been changed and should now work. 
thanks x

Large Crescent Moon Wrap, grey Cotton/acrylic version today

 Grey version of the giant 8' Crescent Moon Wrap with one or two simple changes all in Alize Cotton/acrylic yarn
base pattern with ixed stitch border

 Using the Crescent Moon Wrap, base pattern but increasing to 25 sts, and then 50cm of straight rows, then do the decreasing.

Also instead of working into the stitches work into the spaces only for the base pattern will give a different look to your base crescent pattern