Sunday, 14 December 2008


Yesterdays Congleton trip..south Cheshire has some dire road signs took us an hour to find the place does help though if the post code was correct...mmmmm

We went for coffee well chocolate fix really then shops but we've done all our christmas shopping so decided to do the cinema...4 CHRISTMASES...some bits are hilarious but 6 out of 10 maybe
Then PIZZA HUT for late lunch love pizza but dont like their prices and the place was PACKED.....what does that say about the credit crunch!!!

Then the loan MX5 decided to loose a cylinder very careless l think.....and behave like an old nail and backfired all the way back to the garage!!! mmmmmm

Well ouch and just before Christmas!!!.....seems MX5's have a tendany to corrosive break pipes and mine needed replacing plus a big sevice...meaning expensive
So back it has to go for another days work gggggggrrrrrrrrrrr

Funny how a car can work perfectly well and still be in need of seemingly drastic work!!! Suppose thats why they are serviced to make sure you dont beakdown when it sooooooooo not convenient lol

PARTYTIME GIRLS...CYA LATER hope ya got your hats? hehehe

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