Wednesday 31 December 2008


As promised the gilded kitchen towel paper instuctions...hope you will have fun with this simple but effective paper....
Gilded Kitchen towel paper
1 Paint sheets of kitchen towel inks will give more vibrant colours but paint works just as well make the paper towel wet with paint and then squeeze and add as many creases as you can...crisper towels will give a better gilded effect smoother towels l usually print and stamp

2 Carefully open the wet paper towels out so they can dry but dont flatten the creases
3 The more creases the better but plainer sheets can be printed and stamped (examples to follow )

4 Gild paper with gilding paste on your finger or dry brush with gold paint...brings out all the creases in the paper and adds a lot of depth to papers

5 When the gilding/paint has dried finish off by ironing flat...use a warm iron not hot it burns the paper and makes it really fragile

6 Add iron-on interfacing if you want to stitch the paper gives a far stronger paper
7 Make into a hard cover by gluing to thick card ready to use the coptic sheet and christmas cards as the signatures (leaves of journal/album)
8 Video link for the coptic stitch.... a brill book binding stitch suggested by a new on line friend Marcy..
Have Fun Everyone
more photos of example of the paper to follow all week


  1. I already have HEAPS of beautiful inky paper towel - too gorgeous to throw out after sopping up from other techniques. I'll just start by spraying it a bit and scrunching it!

  2. Hi Quirkyartist
    hehe know what you mean mop ups are great...if you add a tiny amount of pva soft kitchen towel will be stiffer so hold the creases better or use the glued to card method
    Have fun

  3. Ooh, these are pretty papers. I just bought some inks so will have to try this.

  4. Hi Freebird...i tried the TIM HOLTZ distressed inks for the new green eyelet book not as vibrant as the usual inks but love inks for their bright colours
    Love to see your papers/what you make with them?...please