Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Unexpected trip to Birmingham with James

l had a wonderful day with James shopping n Brum...my feet are killing me but a great day being a tourist and embarrassing James taking photos..lol

James did the driving

WOW!! what a structure..not been to Birmingham for a loooooong time

NEW ERA....Brill baseball cap shop..thanx to the manager for the photo....excellent service and friendly guys....James had a new one for christmas...that must be the 50th!! a collector
Told the manager l was impress with the shop and wanted the pics for a blog.....he was amazed l blogged!! Hehehe.....now l wonder why? Think l've gone up in James eyes 'cos the manager was impressed l blogged hehe..now thats always good

James has his timed run on sunday..a mile and a half in under 10mins is his usual..good luck sweetheart will be with you all the way lol

terrific display..wonderful hats
oh lime green my favs hehehe
PS: wasn't impressed with the christmas decs in Brum...cut backs maybe very disappointing..so no photos


  1. Well, waiting to receive more pictures from your trip for 'taxidiaris'!

  2. Hi..will be a bit of a wait then was more of a christmas shopping trip than phitos..no more to show you really..maybe next time?

  3. Brill photos Suz, love your new piccie too!
    CYA Sunday

  4. Thanx Jane...got me best bit of fur out lol....sooooo cold just lately