Friday, 12 December 2008


Gessoed this double page after sanding most of the 'art work' off the board deserve better art so no problems with painting over this board book

Added one sheet of the old charity shop book that was falling apart still need to justify tearing up a book!! Added 3 punched snowflakes...why?...just because l like them and its almost christmas and some shocking pink...again l like pink

Will paint the thick bit today..trying a texture technique...thick PVA and l was covering up a mistake....plastering over the cracks maybe?.....why am l so frightened of this random messy look?
Well if nothing else it asks a lot of questions..maybe it will find the answers one day!!...fingers crossed

If you listen closely the page will tell you what it wants or needs!...i'm listening i'm listening......but why does it speak to me when l'm half asleep and still in bed with no way of remembering?

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