Saturday, 3 January 2009


Stitch inside the signatures
stitch between the signatures

Journal 1 16"x8.75"gilded kitchen towel hard cover
9 signatures with 6 pages in each 54 pages one for each week of the year
made from cartridge paper stitched with string

Journal 2
Dove christmas card 13cm x 16cm
(sorry l jump from inches to centimeters all the time)
7 signatures with a card and 6 trash paper pages making 56 pages
stitched with white cotton knitting thread!!

Opens flat so brillant for sketching

made a couple of mistakes...more care needed
and l will try waxing the thread next time
Taking these photos l managed to catch my elbow in my coffee!!!...lesson learn't here
drink the bloody stuff...
all over me the rug and the coffee table....not exactly why its called a coffee table though!!! hahaha
thank goodness not on the journals or anything else!!
Next Journal already planned...a small 3.5" square one for Zentagles
happy day


  1. These look so great. I have to get to Spotlight to get some iron-on interfacing, then I will make some. Are you using the wax that is sold as "Treasure Gold' to gild? I have that and also plenty of gold acrylic. Maybe I will test both today.

  2. Hi quirkyartst..yep Treasure gold does all sorts gilds the paper and waxes and colours the threads too
    but gold paint will do the job just as well
    Have fun x