Tuesday 27 January 2009


had a short trip on a Prague tram today and loved this door way..was at the tram stop
cant sleep so having half an hour on my blog..lol got to be up at 6 tomorrow though so hoping sleep will follow this post!!!!!!!
Having a great time here with Sam and Kathryn...flight was great arrived a little earlier than planned and Sam's flight was a little late...typical hey!
Got to the apt. and thought it great very comfy and has everything you need
Shop across the road for food wonderful and seems cheaper than UK
The city is spectaclar but not had much chance to take to many photos of beautiful buildings yet but hoping that will happen next week
Early shift for me tomorrow so wont be back in the apt. 'till after 3 on wednesday so catch up then l hope
Great trip so far


  1. Great photos Suz, hope all goes well today for you xxx

  2. Very nice photos Suz!! Keep travelling!

  3. Hi Karen..it has cant give enough praise for set up here...wonderful place and the staff are fantastic...and l get exactly what l wanted and no pain eatng well after 24hrs of no food wonderful all of it x

    Phil...hope to get more pics next week love the buildings here beautiful place x