Tuesday, 20 January 2009


This weeks Challenge prompt is:
'ROUTINE' : to take a photo a day to do with your routines and keep notes on how you feel weather etc...got three l'm happy with this morning

MY ROUTINE IS: Furry alarm goes off in the early hours....Splodge needs his mommy lol spoilt rotten they are
(1.20 this morning usually between 4 and 5!) feed them and make a cuppa and back to bed
TV on see the news stock markets currency

Laptop on check out the challenges group postings and any research
then my blog
breakfast usually in there some where (7.15 this morning) back to bed again till about 8.30/9ish
Shower and dress and out if l'm going about 10.30ish
Tuesdays can be spent with James and wednesdays is group crop at 10.00

all other days l may stay on pc or craft the challenges always watch
'Loose Women at 12.30 till 1.30 mornings are my time!


  1. Sue 1.30am!!! Where is poor Phil? Do you wake him up LOL!!!!

  2. Hi Lynne...no he'll sleep through anything...hehe and l move to the spare bedroom to use the PC...we went to bed at 8 last night the alarm was going off at 4.30 this morning...he does shifts!!