Thursday, 1 January 2009


No stitching yet still to decide on the threads but
covers done signatures cut and the holes punched ready for 3 small art journals/note books
Dove Christmas card journal..all christmas cards
may do a white thread on ths one2nd Christmas card journal...
this cover is made from a card too
not a hard cover
covered in newpaper photo of a frosty tree and a sheet from an old book

This one is the Gilded kitchen towel hard cover journal

decided l wanted eyelets for a neat effect on the cover and
l'm thinking a multi-coloured thread......thin string maybe hand dyed
all will be stitched with the coptic bookbinding stitch

close up on the punched eyelet holes

rainbow of eyelets for hard cover


  1. I must say I love the eyelets. I haven't tried them on a hard cover though. I have used linen thread dyed with acrylic inks. It tends to unravel a little, but it still works well.

  2. thanx l though it would be a nice tidy finsh and l want to use thicker threads even ribbon to do the coptic something that will make a statement...really enjoying ths project

  3. Those eyelets really add a good touch to your book. Great idea.

  4. Thanx freebird....was worried the thread would damage the holes and l liked the rainbow of colours that it added too