Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Brupbrup thought he'd re-model the square for me!!!!.....mmm you might be right there Bruppers
The beginnings of a blanket.....not sure but l'll keep going
Bruppers can always have it if l hate it!!'s soft so he will love it a bit of a connoisseur is Bruppers

Such a pretty and interesting yarn...not totally happy yet with the results of my playtime but l'll keep is a cushion and the more open granny square will be a blanket for 'HERS' when it's up and decorated....soooooo can't wait to move in

Want it to look all white and pastel cottagy and vintage with a modern twist...fingers crossed it all works together...oh and with lots of work top surfaces so l don't have to pack each project up to make room for the next one!

Bought a couple of interior mags and they are full of modern vintage looks...just how l want 'Hers' to look


  1. Hi suz, with you on the vintage look, loving that look, I am constantly looking for more goodies to fill my den with!Lol

    9Left you a little something on my blog x)

  2. Thanks Kaz...l'm honoured to be considered for one of your circle of friends...having to be quick this morning off to Ikea with a friend from Newport so will add the logo and chose friends tomorrow...give it my full attention
    Suz x

  3. Hello, can I ask what make yarn that is. Visiting UK in Sept and I'm making a list of goodies to look out for...

  4. Hi Jude will look at the labels later and leave you a message
    Bet you're excited then a visit to UK? you have family here or just visiting our green and pleasant land? hehehe...if your in Shrosphire IPPIKIN in Much Wenlock is well worth a visit as is Much Wenlock gorgeous little village
    Catch you later with info