Thursday, 20 August 2009


Built and finished by 4.30 just enough time to shower and get ready for dinner with friends we stayed up talking till 11 so a bit late tonight but very very happy
gained a couple of square metres of garden just outside 'hers' so lots of space for some lovely smelly plants l think
was really hard to do the lifting today we are both knackers..everything aches
and you can see the workers were exhausted too supervising is really hard work!!! hehehehe

Now for the best bit...insulation and boarding out shopping tomorrow...may get it all in and painted if Pmacs can do the electrics tomorrow but may have to wait till next week poor love has to go to work for a rest! hehehe


  1. I'd love a little place like that to escape to1
    Looks fab!x

  2. Thanks l'm so chuffed with it can't wait to get in and get it decorated but got to wait till next week when the electrics are in 1st

    Lots of cushion making curtains and planning till l can though
    Suz x

  3. Hello Suz
    It's all so exciting! Thanks for giving us the regular updates on your wonderful summerhouse buildings! You are brave to put it all together yourselves - my garden room was put up by the workmen within about 30 minutes!! Can;t wait to see how your lovely escape continues to evolve and how it is decorated and such like. If you are going to paint the exterior I highly recommend the Cuprinol Heritage paint which we used - so easy to use and great colours available.
    Happy days!
    Denise x

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  5. Thank you Denise and everyone else who takes the time to look at my daily ramblings....l'm flattered that anyone finds my quiet country crafty life of interest

    Off to Shrewsbury our county town this morning for lots more fabrics so it will be cushion heaven tomorrow l hope hehe and anything else l might spy in the charity shops a bargain don't you?
    Suz x