Saturday, 15 August 2009

SMALLER PROJECT BAG..same pattern as the wool sack

Made another smaller version of the wool sack yesterday only 8 increase rounds and 23 side rounds and a thicker drawstring...4 strands with a 6mm hook..otherwise its made the same as the WOOL SACK just less of it!!
Looking at them side by side the one looks thicker yarn but its still only DK Double strand
It's just big enough to hold a single project 8-12 balls of yarn hook etc....or it could be a shoulder bag but l would add a shoulder strap if l was using it for that
the DK x 2 strands really is fast to crochet made this bag in about 7 hours one sitting started out as a bath mat though but l forgot l was making a bath mat and it turned into a bag hehe


  1. Good grief..I can't keep up with you... slow down! :) Joke! I love it, you're so vibrant and busy..
    It's rather hot here at the moment so I'm very lethargic.
    It'll be better when it's slightly cooler so I don't think I'm walking around with cement boots on.

  2. Hehehe no stopping me at right now...wont be any hooky stuff next week new summerhouse craft room arriving so hammer nails and paint next week so got to cram this week hehe....glad you're enjoying the efforts though
    80deg. here at the in the conservatory so always around that even though it's raining out side hehe

  3. I'm supposed to teach some crocheting classes to adults and children this Fall - this looks like it could be a good 2nd or 3rd project!

  4. Hi Mirtooli....l'd be flattered if you used it can be made any size just stop when the base has reached the required size..a tiny one could be made purse size or a wash bag size have fun
    Suz xx