Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Wish l could remember who said go to Focus this wallpaper was on offer as a discontinued line for £5 a roll?.....l'd go thank them

It's so prettty and l've only bought 2 rolls hope it's enough to do a wall in 'Hers' the matching small print l've only got a sample of and tried it on the saved coffee jars

4 fit in each shelf of the new wire shelf unit l bought the other day in TK Max.....was thinking buttons and small items inbetween the two book cases in the shed with the wall paper behind...what do you all think?

Would have bought more and had it in the house but Pmacs hates wallpaper and l'm sure he is finding the 'new look' of flowers and pretties every where a bit hard to swallow as yet!! hehe
Although he did like the quilts and even said get another to cover the sofa he hates in the front sitting room......l just might too hehe

Auction tonight that Kaz has told me about Pmacs like this idea and 2 friends wanted to come aswell when we said we were going.....cya there Kaz and thanks again hope there is lots of lovelies to buy tonight!


  1. will be seeing you later Suzxx Ooh you can never have enough pretties!!Hee hee you go girl!!


  2. pretty that paper....I'm going to be doing my bedroom in the small millie on white....yay!x

  3. Good to meet you last night Kaz...what did you buy?
    Got all the enamel ware l was looking for for storage in the shed....floor today and finishe putting the 1st wall back together with the pretties on l hope then l can do some work hehehe

    Mel...they had lots of the white background one left in our Focus and only £5 a roll may go back nd buy some of that one if this blue bg one works ok it's soooo pretty l love it..lots of ideas to use it in the shed lol