Monday, 21 September 2009


Must start the Chrismas decorations did you know its only 101 days till the big day!!
Thanks Kathryn for the loan of your never been used before sewing machine...smashed a pin into the bed of mine...oooops
Thanks again for the pressie of a carry bag hanger form CK...a perfect pressie K
Found these panels in a B and M store going to hang 12 in the conservatory window to help shade us from the blazing sun!!
Hands as well as toes this time again thanks're a good un!! xx
l'm back Mum you can sleep now and stop worrying.....and l can't really see any cuts but the blood bath l woke up too worried me to death when Mr T went missing for the day too!!
New bandsaw to play with...oh so much fun to be had...needed a good clean out and a new blade...perfect
cut some giant buttons...

Flowers and hearts too.....all to be painted and stencilled or messages added and ribbons to hang them up with

oooooh l'm going to have so much fun with the new bandsaw


  1. Oohh all those goodies but love the creations with the band saw!! I need one of those!!hee hee, Yes will be there on wednesday all being going??

  2. Hi been a good weekend hehe....l'll bring you a heart on Wednesday yes going to take a peek....what colour heart would you like? x

  3. ooh let me think ????love Cath kitson colours let you decide ! Thanks suz....cant wait!!

  4. ok leave it with me cya Wednesday then x