Friday, 11 September 2009


UPDATE TO POST: Just discovered what this bench is called....'Fayence Bench with Hinged Seat' and they have a huge range in price depending on where you buy it!!
So £285 isn't bad at l trying to talk myself into buying this

Another beautiful day shining through the bedroom window and it looks like present season too

Blood and feathers all over the hall floor 3rd dead thing this week..oh! the joys of having furballs thanks boys Mel...something to look forward too with Pickles

Bought a pack of these chandeliers at Bridgemere the other day half price so a bargain can't decide where to stick them yet though

A LONG list of things to do today if l can get going....always have a problem on a Friday's geting out of bed hehehe

Pmacs' 1st day at work and its house work day...yuk! it all clean and tidy but difficult at the mo with everything all over the place and l can always think of something more fun to do like browsing the new Country Homes magazine, plan the house make over, paint chopped up furniture, or my shed interior

But l must do the 2 granny square swaps and finish my dress for next Friday these must be finished by Thursday and then there's Kathryn's bag to crochet as my lovley friend is coming for the weekend again and my toes are so looking forward to the visit hehe Promised to cook this weekend too


  1. your shed is looking fab i am soooo jealous!, i have been trying to get in the shower for about 3 hours now, like you say there is more exciting things to be getting on with i have 101 fun things to do i don't know where to start!

  2. thanks Arty loving the space too..ready for me to paint now but other stuff needs my attention this week l'm afraid but l never made it out of bed till after Loose Women l'm afraid didn't get a lot done yesterday at all other than my swap granny squares so one job off the list
    Hope you managed more than me hahaha