Friday, 21 May 2010


Managed to finish the cushion back yesterday morning but still haven't managed to put it together yet....

Decided to try and make a jacket for the ColourMart comp with AF's as a trim and  hat and scarf in a stripe l think...but that could all change got 2 months to complete projects

We spent the day doing a few little jobs like altering the shelves in the airing cupboard so l can reach them all!!  
Being 5 foot nothing can be a real pain some times!! hehehe
All the bags of bed linen now sorted and in the cupboard

Door repaired and hung in the small bedroom still to paint......but l shut it and no door knob so now can't open it to put the extra clothes away hehehe...silly me!
Lots of storage in Bakewell and l'm getting it all sorted slowly

Washed a lot of curtains/bed linen while the sun is shining new cream curtains up ready for Kathryn's weekend visit Lettuce has vacated it for you K!!! hehehe
Not added any accessories yet but the bed is waiting for ya!!..couple of new cushion cover to make today and the AF cushion will look great in there as well as in our room

Sorry it's not decorated yet K.....but new windows going in Friday so thought it better to leave until then but looking ok for your visit......can't wait hugs xx
New lights up in our room..more space on the bedside cupboard for my crochet!! hehehe
Added the new chrome shower head and rail in the bathroom....

You can see why we needed new windows at the front...can't see through them the seals are totally shot and l'm changing the look of them next weekend new window pics to come!!
looks like a sauna hehehehe!!


  1. wow...I can't keep're like a whirlwind!!

  2. You go, girlfriend. Love the back just as much as the front of your new pillow. It ROCKS....

    I'm so excited you are going to try a cardi with the A.F.s too.

    I did find this link for a hex to square. What do you think? Pretty new at reading these kind of graphs, but I think I might give it a try. After the "Seniors" leave.

    In fact, I shouldn't even be online now, but cleaning and working away like you. Bad, T.G.B. Bad girl.

    Off and Running,
    Slow down and enjoy the weekend,