Sunday, 16 May 2010


Just tried the fill in fan pattern from  ELIZABETH CAT easy to follow instructions quick to do

Makes the cushion a round cushion...wasn't expecting that! hehehe....

Sun is shining!!....looking good for the Ruby Wedding Anniversary Party this afternoon


  1. The fill in is perfect and a round cushion sounds good to me. I shall have to get Wipso to give me some crochet instruction I think. Hope the Ruby wedding party goes well - sun shining here too.

  2. Wowwweee! Looks awesome. Love the colors (of course) and how you filled in with the fans.

    You must have a lot of pent up energy for crochet as fast as you are going on this project. Yay for us who love to see your work.

    So glad to hear your friend is okay after her fall.

  3. Stunning. Thanks so much for the Linky to the fan. Now, I'm starting to envision the cardi. But, need to keep rocking on those A.F.s first. I know I will be back to this post many times to admire all.

    Happy Sunday Wishes,
    Kate - T.G.B.

    Do forget to water those flowers.

  4. Oh wow those look really wonderful now you've done the fill in. I bet you're really thrilled with them.
    A x

  5. Your African Flowers are superb and I do love the colours!
    Thanks so much for mentioning me in your blog!
    Elizabeth Cat

  6. Hi all and thanks l'm soooo pleased with this cushion loving how it looks on the bed too

    You're welcome Elizabeth Cat....thank you for inspiring me to make a AF your crochet
    Hugs ALL X